Let’s Play Beast Quest Xbox One – Part 1 Fighting Ferno

We really enjoy the Beast Quests books here at GeekDad, and have played through the iPad game many times. Today we got our hands on the new XBox, PlayStation, PC Beast Quest game and it’s rather good.

This is the first Let’s Play of a new Beast Quest game on Xbox One (also on PS4 and PC). Beast Quest will be on sale on 13th March (ROW) and 16th March (UK and Europe). Check out www.beast-quest.com for links on where to buy.

The game offers adventuring, role play upgrades, huge boss encounters and lot’s of worlds to explore. It’s this combination of game play that makes it a great place for kids to start in the world of open adventure games. It reminded us a lot of Zelda Breath of the Wild.

Video supported by Maximum Games and Coolabi including access to the game on Xbox console.

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